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Sring Time in the Tanqua


This site is mainly an information site about the Tanqua Karoo / Tankwa Karoo / Ceres Karoo and its environs.

All three name versions of the Karoo are acceptable - depends on who you talk to - this site sticks to "Tanqua".

Go on an adventure to the malaria-free Tanqua Karoo, a semi-desert only 190 km from Cape Town, and a designated biodiversity hotspot by Conservation International. 

Escape the hustle and bustle of overcrowded tourist areas. 
Be amazed at and enjoy the absolute tranquillity of the Karoo, the panoramic views and clear, star-filled night skies. 
Discover a succulent plant paradise.
Traverse the exhilarating Ouberg and Gannaga (the YouTube video is not ours) Passes
Visit Middelpos, one of the smallest villages in South Africa.
Visualize the adventurous transport riders of old as you travel along part of the "Forgotten Highway".

Go to the Tankwa Karoo National Park 

Hike into the Langkloof and Malansgatkloof

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 Last Update: 28/03/2020